The Year Of Living: Make Smart Decisions Now to Avoid Future Complications

The average U.S. driver experiences three or four auto accidents in their lifetime. The majority are minor incidents without any serious injuries. Unfortunately, for millions of people each year, the crashes cause serious injuries, permanent disabilities, or death. Lawsuits are often the only way people get compensation for their pain and the money they need for necessary medical treatment. Too often, these lawsuits fail because of mistakes made by the victim.

Trusting Other Drivers

The worst mistake anyone can make at the scene of an accident is to agree to part ways without contacting the police. The decision could be illegal because there are laws about when the police must file a report after an accident. It is also nearly impossible to prove who was responsible once the evidence is gone. A judge has nothing to rule on without a police report, photographs, or witnesses.

Avoiding the Doctor

Very few people enjoy a stop at the emergency room, but all accident victims need to make the trip. Shock is common after an accident, and it can mask pain. People can feel perfectly healthy at the scene but be barely able to get out of bed the next morning. A complete exam can rule out whiplash, concussions, and broken bones or detect them. The attempt to be strong, keep medical costs low, and treat the problems at home will make it hard to prove any long-term complication was the result of the accident. Compensation may not be available even if the injury is severe.

Handling it Alone

Insurance companies hire professionals to manage their legal issues. There are people involved in the claims and settlement process that do only this type of work. They are experts regarding driving laws and even more accomplished at saving their clients money. People that do not have representation accept settlements that are too low or lose their case for a variety of reasons.

The Year Of Living mindfully means making careful decisions to benefit yourself in the future. People that make the right choices immediately after an accident are more likely to get the compensation they need, the medical help they require and avoid unnecessary fines or expenses when they were not at fault. Think carefully and protect yourself when an accident occurs.